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Michigan Treasury’s tax overkill

Perception is a powerful tool when it comes to a state’s business climate. Making Michigan attractive for new investment – and encouraging businesses already located here to stay put – is a deliberative and dynamic process. Michigan’s recent, positive steps … Continue reading

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More bogus studies from bogus small business groups

Wow! Can you believe it? Small businesses are in support of hiking the minimum wage! They also support Obamacare and throwing away taxpayer money on green energy welfare subsidies! So when did small business owners suddenly lurch to the left … Continue reading

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Should changes be made to the Michigan Merit Curriculum?

Background: In 2006, high school graduation requirements in Michigan were changed in an effort to better prepare students for college and the workplace. The changes, referred to as “The Michigan Merit Curriculum” defines a common set of required credits for … Continue reading

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Jobs: the cost of Obamacare’s Health Insurance Tax

Like most politicians during these difficult economic times, President Obama is always all about creating jobs. Also, like most politicians in DC, his policies make it clear he has no idea where they really come from. The latest proof of … Continue reading

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Michigan cannot afford “city-states”

The “think globally – act locally” community organizing crowd is always looking for a group of gullible and malleable city or local officials to help them with their next social experiment. Ironically, it is usually the city or county that … Continue reading

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Michigan Small Business Says NO to Medicaid Expansion

A majority of small business owners surveyed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) oppose expanding Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act as proposed by Governor Snyder in his recent budget address. “However well intended the policy, small … Continue reading

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Could Instant Replay Have Caught the President’s Quarterback Sneak?

There are few moments during sports events such as Super Bowls that capture fans’ attention more than when the refs call for an instant replay. Now that Super Bowl XLVII is in the record books, perhaps it’s time Congress considers … Continue reading

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What You Do Best

As much of the east coast recovers from a devastating storm, we at NFIB hope that you and your families are safe and sound. In the coming days, I know that the small-business community will be doing what you always … Continue reading

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