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Fending-Off Regulatory Overreach in the Supreme Court: In Defense of Economic Liberty

As small business owners know all too well, federal agencies are stepping up their enforcement activities all across the country. Over the past few years we have seen agencies taking increasingly aggressive positions to extend their regulatory reach, and all … Continue reading

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Mr. President: the tinkerers, dreamers and small-business owners built America.

President Obama was asked in a recent interview what mistakes he made in his first term.  His response was revealing. He said that while he has no doubts about his policies, he should have done a better job of “telling … Continue reading

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An Uber small business success under assault by D.C. regulators!

Success does not usually go unnoticed. If you provide a superior product, or service you want people to take note. Indeed, the free market is driven by the competitive entrepreneurial spirit of hardworking innovative individuals and small business owners are … Continue reading

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Why Small Business is Big in Politics

It seems like Washington can’t agree on anything these days, except maybe one thing: Small business. It seems everyone in Washington loves small business, or pretends they do. If you watch the news or listen to the ads, you’ll hear … Continue reading

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