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Create jobs – cut the red tape

Washington just doesn’t seem capable of connecting the dots on the inverse relationship between over-regulation and small business job creation. When you consider that small businesses create two-thirds of new jobs, it also becomes clear why new job creation has … Continue reading

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The feds: Hand over your raisins and no one gets hurt

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the federal government cannot force a small farmer to give them their raisin crop. Yes, you heard right, that wasn’t a misquote. The case concerns a 1937 law that requires raisin processors to … Continue reading

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New York’s Farms Deserve Better

Yesterday, the State Assembly passed the “Farm Worker Fair Labor Practices Act” (A.1792a).  Without getting into the weeds to much on this legislation, it basically would impose factory style labor mandates on family farms.  Those very farms that have faced … Continue reading

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Michigan cannot afford “city-states”

The “think globally – act locally” community organizing crowd is always looking for a group of gullible and malleable city or local officials to help them with their next social experiment. Ironically, it is usually the city or county that … Continue reading

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“If I started Subway today, Subway would not exist.” Fred Deluca, founder of Subway restaurants, made this statement on CNBC this week and caused a shudder throughout America.  Some because they love those tasty sandwiches, but most because it is … Continue reading

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You’ve Got the Cure for “Washington-itis”

Feel nauseous? Got headaches and fatigue? You’re in good company. A majority of small-business owners have the same flu-like symptoms. But the flu-bug hasn’t bitten you. You’ve got a bad case of “Washington-itis,” a condition of over-exposure to empty political … Continue reading

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Ok So What Now?

As the mercurial and punctually-challenged front man Axl Rose of Guns N Roses famously sang on the 1987 classic “Sweet Child of Mine,” where do we go now?  Well that’s the question a lot of business owners are asking after Tuesday’s … Continue reading

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Cutting Through Regulatory Nonsense – Legal Center Fights Senseless City Ordinance in in California Court

Red-tape is simply maddening. If you run a business, you know what this means. It seems like government bureaucrats insist on regulating anything and everything—if it moves, they regulate it. But, the NFIB Legal Center and NFIB work hard to … Continue reading

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Yes, You Built It. Now Vote to Make Sure You Keep It

I hope you watched the presidential debates. They have been interesting and entertaining. But sometimes they were downright frightening for small-business owners. Like when President Obama admitted that if re-elected, he will accelerate his policies that take your earnings and … Continue reading

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Wanted: Leadership that Makes a Difference for Small Business

Most of us were taught, as children, that “If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Those who own and run their own businesses are particularly mindful of this age-old truth. Which is why many small-business owners … Continue reading

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