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Small Business Applauds Governor’s Focus on Taxes

Most of Cuomo’s blueprint is positive, says NFIB, but small business owners caution against circuit breaker initiative as a property tax shift, not a real fix  Albany (January 8, 2014) – Mike Durant, State Director for the National Federation of … Continue reading

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The feds: Everybody out of the pool!

You might notice that are not as many “mom and pop” hotels these days. An odd example of why can be found in just one of the regulations that the federal government imposes on a business in the name of … Continue reading

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Medicaid expansion: Buy now, pay later

Like many of the consumer advertisements that proclaim ownership of big ticket items for “only pennies a day” the  promise of federal funding for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare should carry the familiar Better Business Bureau warning: “If it sounds too good … Continue reading

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Helping the rich get richer – Why raising the minimum wage causes maximum harm to the poor

Why shouldn’t teenagers living at home with their well-to-do parents get a raise?  Why shouldn’t highly paid union employees get a bump in pay? So what if poor people end up with no jobs, reduced hours and higher prices on … Continue reading

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