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Great News for Small Business: NLRB’s Notice Poster Rule is Dead

In case you missed it, the NFIB Legal Center released a statement earlier this week proclaiming final victory in our legal challenge to the National Labor Relation Board’s “Notice Poster Rule.” The rule would have required virtually every employer in … Continue reading

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NFIB Legal Center’s Winning Streak Continues with Three Victories in Two Days!

This has been a historic year for the NFIB Legal Center. In April SCOTUS Blog listed NFIB Legal Center as one of the top-ten most influential organizations in the Supreme Court—in terms of bringing the Court’s attention to important issues. … Continue reading

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NFIB Legal Center is batting 1000 in the Supreme Court this week!

At the beginning of the week, we were waiting anxiously for three cases with potential to impact small business. On Monday we received two of those decisions—both victories. And Tuesday morning we received the third—another win! Here is the recap: … Continue reading

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Michigan Freedom to Work poster now available

Just one of many examples that Michigan is on the right track to encouraging development and job growth while the central planners in the Obama Administration are clueless: While the federal government’s attempt to force employers to post a notice … Continue reading

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Could Instant Replay Have Caught the President’s Quarterback Sneak?

There are few moments during sports events such as Super Bowls that capture fans’ attention more than when the refs call for an instant replay. Now that Super Bowl XLVII is in the record books, perhaps it’s time Congress considers … Continue reading

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Does Obama Respect the Constitution?

“Each time we gather to inaugurate a President we bear witness to the enduring strength of our Constitution.” That was Jan. 21. The speaker was President Obama. The scene was his second inaugural address at the U.S. Capitol. Before the … Continue reading

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NFIB v. NLRB – Round 2 Moves to the Court of Appeals: Appellate Court Receptive to NFIB’s Lawsuit against the Poster Rule

Round 2 of NFIB’s lawsuit against the NLRB’s “poster rule” got underway yesterday with arguments in the federal Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. The rule, announced in August 2011, would require business owners to prominently post a notice in … Continue reading

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Need Courageous Leadership? Ask Gov. Walker, Small Business Owners

It takes a lot of courage to start a small business. It takes even more courage to stick with it during tough times like these when the nation’s financial structure is wobbling, uncertainty fills the air and even the basic … Continue reading

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