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NFIB Legal Center Submits Hard-Ball Questions to IRS Over Affordable Care Act Regulations

Yesterday the NFIB Legal Center sent IRS Commissioner Hon. John Koskinen a letter voicing concerns over recently finalized regulations governing employers under the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, the letter raised several important questions about the “transition relief” regulations, which IRS … Continue reading

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IRS: Tax Collector or Political Enforcer?

As a small-business owner, you work hard to establish and maintain customer relationships based on integrity and fairness. Violating that standard of behavior can ruin your business. And, you expect the same from others, particularly those in positions of power … Continue reading

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Obama IRA “pension abuse” should start with government retirees

Word is that Obama’s budget plan, to be introduced this week, will propose limiting individual retirement accounts, IRAs, to no more than $3 million. The intent is to keep annual pension income to about $205,000 a year – an amount … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Changes Delay Tax Season Opening until Jan. 30

Don’t send your tax returns to the IRS just yet. Thanks to the changes made to the imaginatively named American Taxpayer Relief Act during the fiscal cliff negotiations, the agency is pleading for your patience while it tweaks its forms … Continue reading

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Despite Alarm Bells, Fiscal Cliff Did Some Good

It’s too bad Hollywood limits Academy Awards to motion pictures. Although some great movies attracted huge audiences last year, the melodrama that nearly scared American small-business owners out of their wits was Washington’s frightening “Fiscal Cliff: The Disaster.” Like most … Continue reading

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Jobs Aplenty…for Federal Workers

And if you missed the rhetoric about job growth, it had nothing to do with the small-business sector gaining employees. No, their idea of job creation is to surge the already massive ranks of federal workers. Case in point: Obamacare … Continue reading

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