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The Winners and Losers of Tax Day

The good news is that business is terrific right now for the professionals who are paid to prepare tax returns. The bad news is that the tax code that ensures their success is weighing down an essential sector of job … Continue reading

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Small-Business Owners Do It, Why Can’t Washington?

Why can’t Washington balance the federal budget and reduce the $16 trillion public debt? There is really no way to calculate all the different answers offered as excuses for this question. But when you sweep aside the political chatter designed … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Changes Delay Tax Season Opening until Jan. 30

Don’t send your tax returns to the IRS just yet. Thanks to the changes made to the imaginatively named American Taxpayer Relief Act during the fiscal cliff negotiations, the agency is pleading for your patience while it tweaks its forms … Continue reading

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Despite Alarm Bells, Fiscal Cliff Did Some Good

It’s too bad Hollywood limits Academy Awards to motion pictures. Although some great movies attracted huge audiences last year, the melodrama that nearly scared American small-business owners out of their wits was Washington’s frightening “Fiscal Cliff: The Disaster.” Like most … Continue reading

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Earth to Washington: Small-Business Fiscal Model Not Rocket Science

Although American small-business owners survived Washington’s fiscal cliff fiasco, few of them are dancing in the streets. Instead, they’re bracing for yet another government-induced crisis as early as mid-February when our national debt hits its ceiling. Although the cliff deal … Continue reading

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Yes, This Is an Emergency

If you smelled smoke and saw flames rising from your small business, the first call you’d make would be to your fire department. Well, it’s time to dial Congress’ 911 number. The warning signs are clear—your small business and millions … Continue reading

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You’ve Got the Cure for “Washington-itis”

Feel nauseous? Got headaches and fatigue? You’re in good company. A majority of small-business owners have the same flu-like symptoms. But the flu-bug hasn’t bitten you. You’ve got a bad case of “Washington-itis,” a condition of over-exposure to empty political … Continue reading

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Election Results Spur Small Business’ Will to Fight

Despite the Election Day hoopla, the political environment for American small-business owners is virtually unchanged from Nov. 6. Many of the challenges they’ve long faced still loom large: An administration hostile to free enterprise (“You didn’t build that…”), an earnings-looting … Continue reading

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Ok So What Now?

As the mercurial and punctually-challenged front man Axl Rose of Guns N Roses famously sang on the 1987 classic “Sweet Child of Mine,” where do we go now?  Well that’s the question a lot of business owners are asking after Tuesday’s … Continue reading

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The “Fiscal Cliff” Should Have Never Been a Possibility

Hard work, long hours. That’s reality for America’s small-business owners. You know what it takes, and you know who built your business. You also know that time is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t get second chances. Between … Continue reading

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