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Earth to Washington: Small-Business Fiscal Model Not Rocket Science

Although American small-business owners survived Washington’s fiscal cliff fiasco, few of them are dancing in the streets. Instead, they’re bracing for yet another government-induced crisis as early as mid-February when our national debt hits its ceiling. Although the cliff deal … Continue reading

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In the Starting Gate Filled with Uncertainty and Pessimism.

On the eve of the start of New York’s legislative session, it is alarming to look at the state of affairs for small business owners. They are concerned.  They are not confident.  They do not feel that better days are … Continue reading

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Wanted: Leadership that Makes a Difference for Small Business

Most of us were taught, as children, that “If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Those who own and run their own businesses are particularly mindful of this age-old truth. Which is why many small-business owners … Continue reading

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Mr. President: the tinkerers, dreamers and small-business owners built America.

President Obama was asked in a recent interview what mistakes he made in his first term.  His response was revealing. He said that while he has no doubts about his policies, he should have done a better job of “telling … Continue reading

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