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NFIB/NY Responds to Governor Cuomo’s Budget Proposal

“New York’s small business owners are encouraged that the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal continues to promote fiscal responsibility and incorporates components of our small business agenda. “Governor Cuomo has rightfully focused on reducing New York’s sizable tax burden this year.  … Continue reading

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NFIB/NY Unveils 2014 Legislative Agenda

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today released an ambitious legislative session for next year that features tax and regulatory reforms to improve New York’s notoriously bad business climate and legal changes to eliminate predatory lawsuits. “An unprecedented level … Continue reading

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Another Disaster Headed for New Jersey, Other States. But Prevention Possible

First it was the Great Recession, then Hurricane Sandy and recently, a raging fire that destroyed a popular boardwalk. Now, weary New Jersey residents and business owners are being warned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to beware of scammers. … Continue reading

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Michigan: Support a federal balanced budget amendment

It is time for the states to step in and end the federal government’s failure to address the basic budgeting to which every citizen and small business must adhere. A process for doing just this was laid out by the … Continue reading

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Your property rights in peril

Private property rights are a cornerstone of the American free enterprise system – indeed, one of the cornerstones of freedom guaranteed in our Constitution. Like many of our constitutional freedoms, however, citizens must remain ever vigilant to keep government at … Continue reading

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Small business confidence: One step forward, two steps back

After gains in April and May, small business confidence sputtered in June as NFIB’s monthly economic Index dropped just under a point (0.9) and landed at 93.5, a crisis of confidence among job creators. I have written before about the inability of … Continue reading

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Does Everybody Really Love Small Business?

Brace yourself. Here comes National Small Business Week. Originally a celebration to honor those of you who truly built your own businesses, this annual praise-fest is often hijacked by politicians who care little about what you do. Just listen closely … Continue reading

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The feds: Everybody out of the pool!

You might notice that are not as many “mom and pop” hotels these days. An odd example of why can be found in just one of the regulations that the federal government imposes on a business in the name of … Continue reading

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The State of Small Business in Michigan

While Michigan is on right track, federal policies are counterproductive The state’s leading advocate for small business owners presented the “State of Michigan Small Business” before the state House Commerce Committee. The presentation explored the common definitions and perceptions of … Continue reading

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Helping the rich get richer – Why raising the minimum wage causes maximum harm to the poor

Why shouldn’t teenagers living at home with their well-to-do parents get a raise?  Why shouldn’t highly paid union employees get a bump in pay? So what if poor people end up with no jobs, reduced hours and higher prices on … Continue reading

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