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Yes, This Is an Emergency

If you smelled smoke and saw flames rising from your small business, the first call you’d make would be to your fire department. Well, it’s time to dial Congress’ 911 number. The warning signs are clear—your small business and millions … Continue reading

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Ok So What Now?

As the mercurial and punctually-challenged front man Axl Rose of Guns N Roses famously sang on the 1987 classic “Sweet Child of Mine,” where do we go now?  Well that’s the question a lot of business owners are asking after Tuesday’s … Continue reading

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Stand Firm with the Guardians of Small Business on Nov. 6

On one side of the Old North Bridge in Concord, Mass. stood a motley collection of patriots whose eagerness, reliability and strength was all that stood between well-armed and trained British regulars who were determined to put an end to … Continue reading

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The “Fiscal Cliff” Should Have Never Been a Possibility

Hard work, long hours. That’s reality for America’s small-business owners. You know what it takes, and you know who built your business. You also know that time is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t get second chances. Between … Continue reading

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Remind Them Who They Work For (You!)

As this week ends, Members of Congress will be packing their bags and heading home with just one thing on their minds: Getting re-elected in November. They will be home for the entire month of August for what used to … Continue reading

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