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NFIB Legal Center’s Winning Streak Continues with Three Victories in Two Days!

This has been a historic year for the NFIB Legal Center. In April SCOTUS Blog listed NFIB Legal Center as one of the top-ten most influential organizations in the Supreme Court—in terms of bringing the Court’s attention to important issues. … Continue reading

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Beware the Minimum Wage Masquerade

Imagine a policy that would destroy thousands of jobs dressed up for Halloween as way to help workers.  Something really scary masquerading as something innocent.   That’s Ballot Question #2, a constitutional question seeking to mandate an increase in the minimum … Continue reading

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The widening gulf between labor leadership and the rank-and-file

In a move that puts even more daylight between Big Labor union leadership and the workers they purport to represent, the AFL-CIO has announced that they are opening up membership to pretty much anyone. Writes The Hill: The move faced stiff … Continue reading

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Exactly Who Does Albany Work For?

Let’s look at the current deck of cards Albany has laid at the feet of small business owners.. A bill that would impose factory style mandates on our family farms. Of course the AFL-CIO is leading this push. A bill … Continue reading

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Right to Work: The Bizarro world of Liberals and Labor Unions

Only in the plaid world of liberals and labor unions is property destruction, intimidation and other assorted thug-like behavior considered good public policy, while efforts by elected lawmakers to hold public servants accountable for taxpayer money are deemed “bullying” and … Continue reading

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Ok So What Now?

As the mercurial and punctually-challenged front man Axl Rose of Guns N Roses famously sang on the 1987 classic “Sweet Child of Mine,” where do we go now?  Well that’s the question a lot of business owners are asking after Tuesday’s … Continue reading

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