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Donald A. "Dan" Danner was named president and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation's leading small business association, in February, 2009. Danner is only the sixth president in the history of the organization. Before rising to the top spot, Danner was executive vice president, overseeing NFIB's federal and state public policy and political activities as well as the organization's three 501 (c) 3 operations: the Research Foundation, Small Business Legal Center and the Young Entrepreneur Foundation. He came to NFIB in 1993 as vice president of the NFIB Education Foundation (now known as the Young Entrepreneur Foundation) and was named vice president of federal public policy in 1995. Previously, he was chief of staff to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Danner also worked in the White House Office of Public Liaison, where he was special assistant to the president and deputy director of the department. Before joining the White House staff, Danner was an executive with Armco Inc., a steel manufacturing company. He held leadership positions in sales and marketing, as well as state and federal lobbying on issues such as energy, environment, taxes and trade. He also served four years as vice president of federal relations at George Mason University. A native of Middletown, Ohio, Danner holds an MBA degree from Xavier University and an electrical engineering degree from Purdue University.

Congress Takes a Break, Regulators Run at Full Speed

There are few greater places to celebrate July Fourth than Washington, D.C. The fireworks, parades and displays of historic documents attract huge crowds who brave stifling heat and humidity to refresh their patriotic zeal. Unfortunately, many who could benefit by … Continue reading

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Would You Start Your Small Business Today? We Know 100 Who Would

A survey conducted by NFIB and the National Association of Manufacturers last year revealed a startling statistic: 55 percent of small-business owners said they would not start a business today given the current economic and political environment. Job creators like … Continue reading

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Does Everybody Really Love Small Business?

Brace yourself. Here comes National Small Business Week. Originally a celebration to honor those of you who truly built your own businesses, this annual praise-fest is often hijacked by politicians who care little about what you do. Just listen closely … Continue reading

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iTax: US Tax Code Rotten to the Core

Earlier this week Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared before a Senate Subcommittee to discuss Apple’s tax practices. As Cook asserted, “We pay all the taxes we owe — every single dollar.” The problem isn’t just that Apple and other companies … Continue reading

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IRS: Tax Collector or Political Enforcer?

As a small-business owner, you work hard to establish and maintain customer relationships based on integrity and fairness. Violating that standard of behavior can ruin your business. And, you expect the same from others, particularly those in positions of power … Continue reading

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Friends in High Places: NFIB Small Business Legal Center Gains Historic Supreme Court Ranking

Thirteen years ago, NFIB established a new foundation, built to fight for small business in the nation’s courts. We knew that more and more battles of great importance to our membership were being waged there, so we set a course … Continue reading

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The Winners and Losers of Tax Day

The good news is that business is terrific right now for the professionals who are paid to prepare tax returns. The bad news is that the tax code that ensures their success is weighing down an essential sector of job … Continue reading

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On Taxes: We Hear You, and Congress Will Hear You Too

Thanks to those of you who participated in NFIB’s recent survey on federal taxes and spending, we now have data that clearly shows just how strongly you feel about the federal government’s need to simplify the tax code, manage its … Continue reading

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Spring Our Youth Into the Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For small-business owners, seeing the next generation pursue and fulfill the dream of owning and running a business, this sentiment is especially true. We want to be imitated—and we … Continue reading

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Small-Business Owners Do It, Why Can’t Washington?

Why can’t Washington balance the federal budget and reduce the $16 trillion public debt? There is really no way to calculate all the different answers offered as excuses for this question. But when you sweep aside the political chatter designed … Continue reading

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