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Charles Owens has been advocating the interests of small business in the Michigan Legislature for over 25 years, beginning with his tenure at the Michigan Institute of Laundering and Dry-cleaning and currently with the National Federation of Independent Business / Michigan. As the State Director of one of Michigan's most respected small business organizations, Owens is responsible for directing the NFIB in its mission to maintain the viability of small business in the face of expanded legislative and regulatory challenges. Owens has been an active participant in the legislative debate over numerous landmark Michigan issues including: the Michigan Environmental Protection Act, inheritance tax, tort liability reform, Unemployment Insurance reform, Workers’ Compensation, and Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Act (MIOSHA) issues. Owens and the NFIB spearheaded the efforts of other small business groups in the fight for fairness and equity for small business in the debate over the repeal and replacement for the Michigan Business Tax. Owens is a 25 year member of the Capitol Club, a dedicated group of association executives committed to the advancement of legislative advocacy for their respective organizations. In 2005 he was elected by his peers to be President of the organization. In 2006, Owens was ranked as number five of the top ten single interest individual lobbyists in Michigan by Inside Michigan Politics. Under his leadership, NFIB was also ranked in the top twenty lobbyist organizations and top ten single interest lobbying organizations by the same publication. Originally a native of Rockford, Illinois, Owens graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Business Administration. follow on twitter: @OwensNFIB

Sensible Regulations: Two different mindsets on hiring ex-felons

A lack of employment opportunities is often cited as a contributing factor to ex-felons ending up back in the prison system. Cutting down on the number of repeat offenders in the Corrections system is one way to reduce prison costs … Continue reading

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Michigan: Support a federal balanced budget amendment

It is time for the states to step in and end the federal government’s failure to address the basic budgeting to which every citizen and small business must adhere. A process for doing just this was laid out by the … Continue reading

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The small business Obamacare jigsaw puzzle

Regardless of size, all employers must notify employees of open enrollment in the health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act (aka, Obamacare) by March 1, 2013. No wait, we don’t have the form ready yet – probably will be … Continue reading

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The widening gulf between labor leadership and the rank-and-file

In a move that puts even more daylight between Big Labor union leadership and the workers they purport to represent, the AFL-CIO has announced that they are opening up membership to pretty much anyone. Writes The Hill: The move faced stiff … Continue reading

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Your property rights in peril

Private property rights are a cornerstone of the American free enterprise system – indeed, one of the cornerstones of freedom guaranteed in our Constitution. Like many of our constitutional freedoms, however, citizens must remain ever vigilant to keep government at … Continue reading

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Small business confidence: One step forward, two steps back

After gains in April and May, small business confidence sputtered in June as NFIB’s monthly economic Index dropped just under a point (0.9) and landed at 93.5, a crisis of confidence among job creators. I have written before about the inability of … Continue reading

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Obamacare compassion is overwhelming

Pardon me while I wipe away the tears of appreciation for the Obama administration’s decision delaying Obamacare’s employer mandate until 2015. The compassion of the administration for businesses struggling to figure out and comply with this regulatory behemoth is overwhelming. … Continue reading

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Create jobs – cut the red tape

Washington just doesn’t seem capable of connecting the dots on the inverse relationship between over-regulation and small business job creation. When you consider that small businesses create two-thirds of new jobs, it also becomes clear why new job creation has … Continue reading

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National Small Business Week and Michigan Politics

Yes, it’s that one time of year (other than election season) when everyone running for office, or trying to stay in office, claims to be the best friend small business ever had. Like any good employer, voters should do a … Continue reading

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The feds: Hand over your raisins and no one gets hurt

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the federal government cannot force a small farmer to give them their raisin crop. Yes, you heard right, that wasn’t a misquote. The case concerns a 1937 law that requires raisin processors to … Continue reading

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