NFIB Marks 70 Years as America’s Leading Small-Business Advocate

On the occasion of the National Federation of Independent Business’ 70th anniversary, NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner issued the following statement:

“Seventy years ago, the National Federation of Independent Business began its mission to protect the right to own, operate and grow a business. We were founded in 1943 San Mateo, Calif., by C. Wilson Harder, who recognized the need for an organization that would represent the little guy. Since then, NFIB has garnered more members — and earned more credibility — than any other small-business group in history.

“NFIB is a member-driven organization. Our positions are based on a consensus of our small-business members, who are among the most active and engaged members of society. When they visit Capitol Hill or a state Capitol, our elected officials know they aren’t there to represent a handful of board members or any single industry. They’re there on behalf of all independent businesses—the entrepreneurs and small, family-owned companies who drive this economy and have trusted us to represent them since the Roosevelt administration.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we’re also reminded that these challenging economic times raise many questions about the future of entrepreneurism in the United States: What jobs will be available to our children and grandchildren? Will they have an opportunity to be an entrepreneur, or is America set on a path that discourages the kind of risk taking that leads to innovation and economic growth and instead only encourages the growth of big government, big business and big labor? In spite of our nation’s present struggles, we at NFIB continue to work to make America’s entrepreneurs heard in Washington and across the country.

“As the engine of the U.S. economy, small-business owners epitomize the American Dream in every way. We are very fortunate to have such a robust membership that continues to inspire and influence the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Facts about NFIB:

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