More bogus studies from bogus small business groups

WolfinSheepsClothingWow! Can you believe it? Small businesses are in support of hiking the minimum wage!

They also support Obamacare and throwing away taxpayer money on green energy welfare subsidies! So when did small business owners suddenly lurch to the left and support every liberal tax and spend proposal offered up by Congress and the Obama administration?

Well, actually, never – although a gullible media seems eager to give that impression armed with new “polls and studies” of questionable integrity.

You have to hand it to Obama activists and their allies for creativity – a decidedly more charitable description of what others might call fraud and deception. Not long ago a study  by the respected Pew Research Center found that small business is the most trusted institution in America – more so than left-leaning institutions like labor unions, Congress, the federal government, and the Obama administration.

So what do you do when you have little credibility? Why, steal it from someone else. It’s much easier than trying to actually earn it.

So liberal operatives created bogus “small business groups” in an attempt to hijack the strong reputation small business has established with the public.

Next came contrived “polls and surveys” produced by the same bogus groups that show “small business support” for left leaning policies and agendas. A quick peeling back of the layers reveals a plot to start with a desired outcome and then skew the “research” to achieve the desired result.

The latest such “research” supports hiking the minimum wage and comes from a group called the Small Business Majority (which admits that it has not one small business member in its organization). As a New York Times story in 2009 revealed:

“Small Business Majority has no membership — if it did, Mr. Arensmeyer says, it could no longer objectively represent all of small business, since memberships are by definition self-selecting. Nor is it funded by small businesses; instead the organization depends almost entirely on foundation grants. (A related political action committee, which Mr. Arensmeyer describes as all but defunct now, raised much of its money in 2005 and 2006 from lawyers and investment fund managers, according to Federal Election Commission records available from the Center for Responsive Politics.)”

Right. The last thing you want when you are claiming to speak for small business is a bunch of small business owners that might disagree with your thoughts on what is best for them.

Like the old Better Business Bureau admonition “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” research that seems to run contrary to conventional wisdom is probably contrived.

BTW, just for the record, small business does not support hiking the minimum wage – and never has.

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About Charles Owens

Charles Owens has been advocating the interests of small business in the Michigan Legislature for over 25 years, beginning with his tenure at the Michigan Institute of Laundering and Dry-cleaning and currently with the National Federation of Independent Business / Michigan. As the State Director of one of Michigan's most respected small business organizations, Owens is responsible for directing the NFIB in its mission to maintain the viability of small business in the face of expanded legislative and regulatory challenges. Owens has been an active participant in the legislative debate over numerous landmark Michigan issues including: the Michigan Environmental Protection Act, inheritance tax, tort liability reform, Unemployment Insurance reform, Workers’ Compensation, and Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Act (MIOSHA) issues. Owens and the NFIB spearheaded the efforts of other small business groups in the fight for fairness and equity for small business in the debate over the repeal and replacement for the Michigan Business Tax. Owens is a 25 year member of the Capitol Club, a dedicated group of association executives committed to the advancement of legislative advocacy for their respective organizations. In 2005 he was elected by his peers to be President of the organization. In 2006, Owens was ranked as number five of the top ten single interest individual lobbyists in Michigan by Inside Michigan Politics. Under his leadership, NFIB was also ranked in the top twenty lobbyist organizations and top ten single interest lobbying organizations by the same publication. Originally a native of Rockford, Illinois, Owens graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Business Administration. follow on twitter: @OwensNFIB
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