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High Noon for New York’s Small Businesses

As budget negotiations enter the final critical stage, with all signs pointing to an early finish, New York’s small businesses have every reason to watch closely.  While there are aspects in both the Governor and Senate’s budget proposals which, in … Continue reading

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Right to Work: The Bizarro world of Liberals and Labor Unions

Only in the plaid world of liberals and labor unions is property destruction, intimidation and other assorted thug-like behavior considered good public policy, while efforts by elected lawmakers to hold public servants accountable for taxpayer money are deemed “bullying” and … Continue reading

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It’s Time Washington Operates like Small Business

Do you and millions of other small-business owners care about the out-of-control public debt? Of course you do. You have to balance your budget, why doesn’t Washington have to do the same? Are you fed up with watching government officials … Continue reading

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NY Small Business Reacts Sharply to Single Payer Health Care Idea

Albany (March 7, 2013) – The state’s leading advocacy group for small business owners reacted sharply to a proposal by Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried to allow Albany to take over the entire health care system. “There isn’t anything … Continue reading

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Should Michigan expand Medicaid coverage?

Medicaid provides health care services for people who are disabled and/or below the poverty level and is paid for by a combination of state and federal tax dollars. The original Affordable Care Act (often referred to as “Obamacare”) included a … Continue reading

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“If I started Subway today, Subway would not exist.” Fred Deluca, founder of Subway restaurants, made this statement on CNBC this week and caused a shudder throughout America.  Some because they love those tasty sandwiches, but most because it is … Continue reading

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