Right to Work: The Bizarro world of Liberals and Labor Unions

Bizzaro WorldOnly in the plaid world of liberals and labor unions is property destruction, intimidation and other assorted thug-like behavior considered good public policy, while efforts by elected lawmakers to hold public servants accountable for taxpayer money are deemed “bullying” and “witch hunts”.

Case in point: the Michigan Education Association, the teacher’s union, is calling on lawmakers to stop bothering public schools and universities with inquiries as to why they are selling their employees down the river with extended union contracts to avoid Michigan’s new Right to Work law.

The schools, unions and higher education folks claim that taxpayer’s are getting a “bargain” with the new longer contracts that lock in union dues for the MEA, and other unions, well past the traditional three year contracts. Really? Then why are they so shy about coming to Lansing and proudly showing the taxpayers what they got for the long contract sell out?

A quick policy primer for our folks in the education community:

Lawmakers are responsible for holding public institutions and employees accountable for good stewardship of the taxpayer dollars entrusted to them. This is called “doing the job they were elected to do”.

“Bullying” and “Witch Hunts” are when a labor union threatens its members (forced to join to keep their job) with lawsuits and intimidation if they dare consider leaving the union.

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About Charles Owens

Charles Owens has been advocating the interests of small business in the Michigan Legislature for over 25 years, beginning with his tenure at the Michigan Institute of Laundering and Dry-cleaning and currently with the National Federation of Independent Business / Michigan. As the State Director of one of Michigan's most respected small business organizations, Owens is responsible for directing the NFIB in its mission to maintain the viability of small business in the face of expanded legislative and regulatory challenges. Owens has been an active participant in the legislative debate over numerous landmark Michigan issues including: the Michigan Environmental Protection Act, inheritance tax, tort liability reform, Unemployment Insurance reform, Workers’ Compensation, and Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Act (MIOSHA) issues. Owens and the NFIB spearheaded the efforts of other small business groups in the fight for fairness and equity for small business in the debate over the repeal and replacement for the Michigan Business Tax. Owens is a 25 year member of the Capitol Club, a dedicated group of association executives committed to the advancement of legislative advocacy for their respective organizations. In 2005 he was elected by his peers to be President of the organization. In 2006, Owens was ranked as number five of the top ten single interest individual lobbyists in Michigan by Inside Michigan Politics. Under his leadership, NFIB was also ranked in the top twenty lobbyist organizations and top ten single interest lobbying organizations by the same publication. Originally a native of Rockford, Illinois, Owens graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Business Administration. follow on twitter: @OwensNFIB
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2 Responses to Right to Work: The Bizarro world of Liberals and Labor Unions

  1. Tom Rogers says:

    I’d add that they also have an obligation to those employees who have seen stagnant wages and dwindling means of retirement. But that part of the equation has been erased by anti-union ideologues and greedy business owners who decided decades ago that full-employment was only good for the workers, unless the wages stayed low and never rise.

    I especially love the anti-union “thugs” term. How very hypocritical that a person leading a group of business owners smears workers who band together as some alien evil. Keep up the great work!

  2. Well Tom, to the best of my knowledge small business owners haven’t banded together, skipped work to go to the Capitol, done over a million dollars of damage to taxpayer property, destroyed two tents and a hot dog vendor’s cart and left threatening phone calls on lawmaker’s voice mail. But then we don’t have the time as we have a payroll to make…

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