NY Small Business Reacts Sharply to Single Payer Health Care Idea

Albany (March 7, 2013) – The state’s leading advocacy group for small business owners reacted sharply to a proposal by Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried to allow Albany to take over the entire health care system.

“There isn’t anything more alarming to small business owners than the prospect of career bureaucrats and politicians in Albany taking complete control of the health care system,” said Mike Durant, New York State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

Gottfried today floated a bill that would create a single-payer system similar to the European models that are notorious for endless waits and stingy coverage.

“What’s wrong with the current system is that it lacks competition and it imposes too many government mandates on private insurance,” said Durant.  “A single-payer system would be a nightmare for New Yorkers and small businesses.”

Gottfried cited the law adopted two years ago by Vermont, which hasn’t yet been implemented and for which there is not yet a funding mechanism despite official estimates that the new system will require billions more in higher taxes.

“Our members in Vermont are terrified that the new system will rob them of the insurance coverage that they like and force them to pay substantially higher taxes,” said Durant.  “Chairman Gottfried envisions a system financed on the basis of income.  That means that the taxes would be squarely aimed at small business owners who pay their taxes as individual filers.”

NFIB was the lead plaintiff against the federal Affordable Care Act.  Its members believe in reform, but they want policymakers to move in exactly the other direction.

“We need more competition, fewer mandates and fewer frivolous lawsuits,” said Durant.  “Our members would be strongly opposed to a system that invests more power in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.  And there would be nothing fair about or universal about a system that makes only some New Yorkers pay for everyone’s health care.”

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About Mike Durant

Mike Durant was named New York State Director of NFIB in May 2011. Prior to joining NFIB as the Assistant State Director in May 2010, Durant began his career in the New York Senate working in the Office of Member Services. From there, he served in a number of positions during former New York Governor George E. Pataki’s administration. As a Research Specialist in the New York State Office of Demographic Policy, Mike was responsible for drafting a redistricting proposal for Governor Pataki. In addition, Mike served as a Research Specialist for the Empire State Development Corporation, as well as the Associate Commissioner of Human Resource Management with the New York Department of Labor. Durant also spent four years working at the Questar III BOCES as a specialist focusing on the complex formulas that drive aid to school districts across the state while also taking a lead role in the state legislative/budget process as it related to education policy. These past positions have given Mike a deep understanding of the complex political economics of the State of New York. Active in the community, Durant has served on a number of boards in both the village of Ballston Spa and Town of Milton. Durant received his bachelor’s degree from Siena College in Loudonville, New York and resides in Ballston Spa with his wife and two children.
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2 Responses to NY Small Business Reacts Sharply to Single Payer Health Care Idea

  1. It would be good to know more facts and also speak to those who were or are living in other free-market countries who know what it’s like. When I walked into the library today, I spoke briefy with a woman who drove a very nice Audi to the library. When I handed her information about Obamacare and the much better universal health care and commented about it, she looked at me with a big smile and acknowlegement and said that she lived in Europe quite a few years. It must have been like my 4.5 years in Canada with no bills for all of our physician visits and our two trips to the emergency room … where I often noticed a sense of peace of mind among my neighbors.

    The single-payer system proposed for the United States will be the best universal health care system in the world. It will be BETTER than the universal health care in those European countries, which do NOT have single-payer systems and are not notorious for endless waits and stingy coverage. Ours will be better than Canada by a significant amount.


    You are afraid of a single-payer system? Then be comforted by all the testimonials of AMERICANS who live and work in other free-market countries who encourage you to settle down, be calm and yearn greatly for universal health care.

    Contrary to the article, a single-payer system would be a blessing for New Yorkers and small businesses.

    – Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate

  2. My responses to the comments:

    1. I thought of about the graph that shows very clearly the United States being the only free-market country out-of-control since the last of 30 free-market countries implemented universal health care. What happened since 1972? The USA went to MORE private health care and the other free-market countries continued to use universal health care. Out-of-control U.S. health care costs, compared to other countries, started shortly after the U.S. started an increased focus on private health insurance companies via “managed care” and health maintenance organizations (HMO’s), while maintaining the private health insurance companies.


    2. Then I thought of what’s been happening with our continued use of private health insurance companies. One example for now: our life expectancy relative to other countries has been DROPPING! Decreasing! Was 27th; then dropped to 30th, as per World Health Organization. Was 47th; then dropped to 50th, as per the CIA.


    3. Busineses need to pay attention to the data, such as other countries consistently paying 40% per person of what the USA pays per person. That will help citizens and their employers.


    – Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate

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