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NFIB Reacts to New Study Showing NY as “Least Free” State in America

Albany (March 28, 2013) A study by George Mason University ranking New York as the least free state in the country confirms what small business owners have known for a long time, said the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) … Continue reading

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Jobs: the cost of Obamacare’s Health Insurance Tax

Like most politicians during these difficult economic times, President Obama is always all about creating jobs. Also, like most politicians in DC, his policies make it clear he has no idea where they really come from. The latest proof of … Continue reading

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Small Business Reacts to Final Budget Deal

After the announced agreement last week, negotiations on a variety of issues continued through the weekend.  Today, we issued the following statement on the final state budget deal. ALBANY (March 25, 2013) – All of the following may be attributed … Continue reading

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Spring Our Youth Into the Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For small-business owners, seeing the next generation pursue and fulfill the dream of owning and running a business, this sentiment is especially true. We want to be imitated—and we … Continue reading

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NFIB/NY Responds to Announced Budget Agreement

“The announced conceptual agreement on the State budget sends a difficult and regressive message to small business owners across New York. While the agreement allows for tax cuts for small business, it in no way offsets the mandated increase in … Continue reading

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Michigan cannot afford “city-states”

The “think globally – act locally” community organizing crowd is always looking for a group of gullible and malleable city or local officials to help them with their next social experiment. Ironically, it is usually the city or county that … Continue reading

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NFIB/NY Member Talks Real Impact of Minimum Wage Hike

Below are excerpts from a letter that an NFIB/NY member sent describing both the personal and real impact of the proposed hike in the minimum wage. In regards to the minimum wage hike, please take a moment to consider how … Continue reading

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Small-Business Owners Do It, Why Can’t Washington?

Why can’t Washington balance the federal budget and reduce the $16 trillion public debt? There is really no way to calculate all the different answers offered as excuses for this question. But when you sweep aside the political chatter designed … Continue reading

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In the 15 years I have been lobbying it always seems Illinois, California, Pennsylvania and New York are the “test cases” for liberal policy. The center left groups tend to use our states as incubators, trial balloons and the “let’s … Continue reading

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Michigan Small Business Says NO to Medicaid Expansion

A majority of small business owners surveyed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) oppose expanding Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act as proposed by Governor Snyder in his recent budget address. “However well intended the policy, small … Continue reading

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