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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss (Sort of, but Not Really)

2013 will bring new faces and challenges to the Georgia legislature and new leadership in the Senate as well.  As we gear up for another important legislative session, many questions remain unanswered under the Gold Dome.  With new leadership in … Continue reading

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A Holiday Gift for Small Business in New York! Toll Hike Averted!

You have seen me discuss the proposed (and insensitively called “modest”) toll hike.  Well, for small business owners, toll payers, and consumers in New York, a holiday gift for you. The Governor and Thruway Authority have announced that the toll … Continue reading

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New York Cannot Afford Directional Shift

The past few weeks have been dominated by the formation of a new “Senate Majority Conference”.  This unprecedented formal “marriage” between the Senate Republican Conference and the Independent Democratic Conference, on the surface, has the opportunity to put partisan bickering … Continue reading

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Alcohol and Mistletoe: A Dangerous Mix for Small Business Holiday Parties

December’s holidays can be the “most wonderful time of year,” but smart small-business employers will keep a tight rein on “mistletoeing and hearts that are glowing.” Otherwise, they could find their carefully hung stockings jammed with nasty lawsuits and hefty … Continue reading

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Yes, This Is an Emergency

If you smelled smoke and saw flames rising from your small business, the first call you’d make would be to your fire department. Well, it’s time to dial Congress’ 911 number. The warning signs are clear—your small business and millions … Continue reading

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Hiking Minimum Wage Will Cost New York More Than 20,000 Jobs!

Minimum wage has been a significant topic of conversation the last 10 months in New York, with supporters echoing over and over that an increase is necessary to create jobs and jumpstart the economy.  Well, the supporters are wrong and … Continue reading

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