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Meet New York’s 2012 “Guardian’s of Small Business”!

NFIB/NY recently awarded our most coveted honor to an elite list of New York State Legislators.  This award is no mere token of gratitude; it must be earned. The NFIB “Guardian Award” recognizes state legislators who have, through their voting … Continue reading

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Stand Firm with the Guardians of Small Business on Nov. 6

On one side of the Old North Bridge in Concord, Mass. stood a motley collection of patriots whose eagerness, reliability and strength was all that stood between well-armed and trained British regulars who were determined to put an end to … Continue reading

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Corbett sees small business as partner in rebuilding Pennsylvania

Last week I was privileged to stand with Governor Tom Corbett and state Rep. Tina Pickett and celebrate what most small business-owners thought was only a distant possibility: a regulatory flexibility law for Pennsylvania.   In fact, similar legislation sponsored by … Continue reading

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Appeals Court Reviews Labor Board’s Sneak Attack on Small Business

As Election Day approaches, small-business owners are beginning to get lots of notice, especially from vote-seeking candidates who express admiration for their ability to create jobs and keep the nation’s economy afloat. But when these hard-working entrepreneurs become the center … Continue reading

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NFIB v. NLRB – Round 2 Moves to the Court of Appeals: Appellate Court Receptive to NFIB’s Lawsuit against the Poster Rule

Round 2 of NFIB’s lawsuit against the NLRB’s “poster rule” got underway yesterday with arguments in the federal Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. The rule, announced in August 2011, would require business owners to prominently post a notice in … Continue reading

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Small Business Grades New York Lawmakers 2011-12 Performance

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), New York’s leading small business advocacy organization, released its 2011-2012 Legislative Voting Record today.  The Voting Record identifies the top issues for New York small business owners, tracks the votes of every legislator … Continue reading

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The “Fiscal Cliff” Should Have Never Been a Possibility

Hard work, long hours. That’s reality for America’s small-business owners. You know what it takes, and you know who built your business. You also know that time is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t get second chances. Between … Continue reading

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Fending-Off Regulatory Overreach in the Supreme Court: In Defense of Economic Liberty

As small business owners know all too well, federal agencies are stepping up their enforcement activities all across the country. Over the past few years we have seen agencies taking increasingly aggressive positions to extend their regulatory reach, and all … Continue reading

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Mr. President: the tinkerers, dreamers and small-business owners built America.

President Obama was asked in a recent interview what mistakes he made in his first term.  His response was revealing. He said that while he has no doubts about his policies, he should have done a better job of “telling … Continue reading

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Small Business Headlines – Labor Day Edition

One convention down, another starts up today…and with it comes Labor Day, the traditional starting point of election season for many voters. The news has primarily been on the Presidential race as Governor Romney and surrogates highlighted America’s entrepreneurial spirit … Continue reading

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