Wage Theft Repeal On The Way?

Some bemoan Tax Day (who am I kidding, we all do), others a trip to the dentist, but for business owners in New York, it is the first day in February.

Under the cover of the 2010 holiday season and the waning days of his administration, former Governor David Paterson signed into law the notorious Wage Theft Prevention Act.  A bill that sealed the deal on New York’s reputation for being anti-business.

By the end of February 1st, every employer in the state was required to have their workers read and sign documents explaining the pay they receive, and continue to provide those documents yearly.  If that was not enough, businesses faced serious fines if they didn’t retain those documents for a period of six years!

Only in New York would government pass a law that assumed ALL employers were bad.

Events at the State Capitol yesterday may signal a shift in this mindset.  Yesterday, the State Senate passed a bill that eliminates the annual notification requirements of the Wage Theft Prevention Act.

NFIB/NY applauds the action taken yesterday and strongly urges that the State Assembly follow suit.  And perhaps…we can remove February 1st as a date New York’s business owners dread.


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About Mike Durant

Mike Durant was named New York State Director of NFIB in May 2011. Prior to joining NFIB as the Assistant State Director in May 2010, Durant began his career in the New York Senate working in the Office of Member Services. From there, he served in a number of positions during former New York Governor George E. Pataki’s administration. As a Research Specialist in the New York State Office of Demographic Policy, Mike was responsible for drafting a redistricting proposal for Governor Pataki. In addition, Mike served as a Research Specialist for the Empire State Development Corporation, as well as the Associate Commissioner of Human Resource Management with the New York Department of Labor. Durant also spent four years working at the Questar III BOCES as a specialist focusing on the complex formulas that drive aid to school districts across the state while also taking a lead role in the state legislative/budget process as it related to education policy. These past positions have given Mike a deep understanding of the complex political economics of the State of New York. Active in the community, Durant has served on a number of boards in both the village of Ballston Spa and Town of Milton. Durant received his bachelor’s degree from Siena College in Loudonville, New York and resides in Ballston Spa with his wife and two children.
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